Like me, you’ve probably received countless invitations over the years. For me these invitations have ranged from weddings and graduations, to credit-card issuers and time-share resort “opportunities”, with some birthdays thrown in from yesteryear. Hardly a day goes by without some kind of invitation arriving in my mail.

The most important invitation I’ve ever gotten came from God Himself, inviting me to be in His family, the greatest family of all time. That invitation, written in  John 3:16, was addressed to “whosoever”, of which I am one, as are you. Here God Himself extends a written invitation for “whosoevers” everywhere to believe on His Son, Jesus Christ. Doing so brings that person into an eternal relationship with God knowing Him as one’s Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ.

This divine offer is by invitation only. For those with a bible, this is a written invitation. In areas where bibles are scarce or banned, word of mouth invitations still work.

I hope that today’s post has helped you see how special it is to be in God’s family. After all, it’s by invitation only.

Have you responded to God’s invitation? Remember, being His child-being able to enjoy an eternal relationship with God as your Father-isn’t something you apply for, work for, or claim by inheritance. If you aren’t in God’s family, but would like to be, you can pray this simple prayer: “Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus, Your Son, Who gave Himself for me. I say with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, believing in my heart that You raised Jesus from the dead for me. I thank you for receiving me as Your very own child. You are now my very own Heavenly Father. I am saved! I am now in Your family, the family of God.”

If you just prayed this prayer I welcome you into God’s family. Tell someone of your decision to live for Jesus Christ. If we can help in any way please contact us through our website at:

For those who are already in God’s family how thankful are you that you responded to God’s invitation when you did?


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