Over the years I’ve come to be acquainted with numerous teachings on water baptism. Regardless of the teaching of who can be baptized, the method of baptism comes down to three main ways:

1. Infant baptism-wetting the head in sign of the Cross

2. Sprinkling-usually just the head

3. Immersion-the body immersed under water (briefly, thankfully!)

When we are born again, when we confess Jesus as Lord of our lives, God, by the Holy Spirit, baptizes us into His Church. God’s Church is also referred to as the Body of Christ. I Corinthians 12:13  shows us that we, as Christians, are baptized into Christ’s Body. The way God baptizes us into His Body-His Church-is by immersion.  The original Greek paints us a word picture of one being immersed into Christ. The natural equivalent is believers being immersed in water, as an outward sign of what has already taken place in their hearts.

Our identification with what Christ has done for us in His death, burial, and resurrection is by immersion. Our being placed into Christ forever identifies us as being one with Him; being made one with the Author of Life itself. My mind may not comprehend this foundational truth, but my heart rejoices in this fact: My identification with Christ is by immersion into His Body, His Church.

How do you see yourself as a believer? Helpless? Weak? Running from the devil? Or as being immersed into Christ, being made one with the Creator of the Universe, God Himself?

Share how this post has made a difference in how you see yourself in your walk with Christ.



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