A lot of people budget nowadays. Whether by a family, couple, or single person, budgets help to monitor how/where household income is spent.

What’s in your budget? If you’re like most “budgeters” things like food, mortgage or rent (if applicable), utilities, vehicle fuel/maintenance, as well as cleaning supplies are on your budget list.

When something is outside your budget, at least for the moment, one has to decide whether that item is really needed. If yes, something else will need to be reduced or eliminated. Easier said than done, right?

But there’s another kind of budget I want us to think about: it’s our words budget. What about our words? What about those everyday words and phrases we’ve been saying for ever so long? Do they need changing, or even  elimination? Can our words be budgeted, to speak positively, eliminating what’s negative-even harmful?

Words are important to all of us. We either encourage or discourage with what we say. We either lift up or tear down with what comes out of our mouth. No one makes us say what we do; it’s our choice. Every time.

You may or may not have a financial budget to monitor where your money goes-how it gets spent. But everyone can budget what comes out of their mouth. Perhaps it’s time to think about prioritizing what you say, leaving off words which are unhealthy for you. I’m including myself in this as well, as I need to improve in this area.

What are some ways you know to reduce, change, eliminate, or improve your “word” budget. What would you recommend others do that, if you’ve already done this, worked for you? Remember, what helps/helped you can help someone else.


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