“God can do anything-after all, He’s God.”  I’ve heard that before, as many of you have, as well. It’s sounds right, but is it true? Can God really do anything, simply because He’s, well, God? Or are there some things even God can’t do?

Here are some things God can’t do:

  1. God can’t make people confess Jesus as their Lord, thus becoming His children. If God did He’d be forcing some to do what they have no heart to do. God is Love; God’s love never forces or makes someone do or say anything against their will.
  2. God can’t make people serve Him, even Christians. He won’t make them pray, go to church, or walk in love towards others, for the same reason He doesn’t make people believe on the Name of Jesus.
  3. God won’t make people tithe. This one touches a nerve, since most Christians don’t tithe (the word tithe means 10%) their income. Tithing wasn’t something done under just the Old Testament. Last time I checked, Hebrews 7:7,8 was in the New Testament. Tithing is a means of worship for getting the Gospel out while getting blessed-not for helping God out financially. Heaven doesn’t need our money; the Gospel does.

These are but three quick examples of things God can’t do. With these in mind what are some things you can think of which God can’t do? Some things God wants to do but can’t. Ask God to show you other things He can’t do. You might be surprised at some of the things He’ll show you. Then pass them along. What God shows you might help someone else to see God in a new way.

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