For some reason work is hard, perhaps explaining why it’s called work. I have no recollection of any work being easy. Some was easier than others, but still work.

When we work who are we doing it for? Some would say for money, for the boss, or for the company we’re working for. While this may be true for some, there’s a reason even many Christians overlook: what we do ought to be done as unto God. Colossians 3:23 tells us that, whatever we do is to be done unto the Lord, as unto God.

Doing things unto ones supervisor, teacher, parent, or country is to lower the bar of life, so to speak. Doing things unto God, however, keeps the bar of life where it belongs: at its highest point.

There’s something exhilarating about doing our best unto God, as though the “work order” came from Him. Even when no one sees all of what we’re doing we rest in the fact that God sees and knows, as well as the attitude of our heart towards what we’re doing.

Doing things as unto God often means doing things in a manner above and beyond worldly expectations-especially when it comes to something called quality. Quality means doing things with excellence, our very best.

There’s something rewarding about knowing that, as a Christian, you’ve done your best in any given situation. Whether cleaning house, being a part of a work-related project, or studying for Sunday’s sermon, motive matters. Colossians 3:24 tells us that, ultimately, it is God who will reward us. No matter how employers act or the pay scale, doing things as unto God is trusting Him for what we need.

Pride in workmanship has lost its importance with many. As Christians, our work is our witness. Unfortunately, doing things right stands out. What used to be mediocre now passes for excellence. Those who are doing things right in the sight of man will settle for an earthly reward. Those who do things right in God’s sight will receive His reward, on top of any natural compensation.

Whether it’s your room, marriage, home, vehicle, place of work, or church, in whose sight are you doing things?

Excuse me now, I have cleaning that’s waiting to be done. In God’s sight.




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