A few days ago I asked this very question to a fellow Christian, “Where is God.”?” Her response was to the effect that God is with her, which is true. God is also for her, as he is for every Christian.

Her answer though, is, unfortunately typical of so many Christians endeavoring to explain where God is. For a variety of reasons, too few Christians have been enlightened as to what the real answer is to the question, “Where is God?” The real answer is, for the Christian, God is not only with and for you, He’s actually IN you.

Your internal organs, such as stomach, pancreas, and heart, are called that because they’re in me. Not just with you, but IN you. What a difference in knowing that all of your internal organs are in you, functioning according to God’s design.

In the same manner, as much as I’m thankful that God is for and with me, I’m infinitely more thankful that He is IN me, in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Hearing others talk about God being in them is wonderful. Knowing this truth for myself, however, is changing my own life, knowing that the Living God, the Creator of the Universe, the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, has taken up permanent residence in my heart, my spirit. The same spirit that God used to raise up Jesus from the dead is IN you, me, and every other Christian on planet Earth.

So, where is God? He’s in every Christian, through the New Birth, when a person confesses Jesus as his/her Lord out of a believing heart. And He’s in to stay.

Whether due to lack of teaching or overlooking this truth, the person’s response to my question, “Where is God?,” is what drives me to get this vital truth into people’s lives., including knowing where God is. Knowing that, no matter the situation you may be facing, God is in you, will change your outlook on life.

“God is in me.”  Say this to yourself. Begin to see yourself this way-because it’s the truth-until this truth becomes real in your own heart. Because it’s then-and only then-that knowing where God is will change your life.


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