For those who believe in God, one thing is understood: God is bigger than us. How big? I don’t know, but big enough to meet every need of humanity, including yours and mine.

At the same time, this question has been asked for more years than anyone can remember, and many more besides: Does God get lonely? Has He ever felt alone? After all, God is, well, God. All powerful, ever present, all wise. Creator of heaven and earth.

According to the Gospel of John 4:24, God is a spirit. As such, the only part of His vast creation capable of spending quality time with Him would be restricted to those who are also spirit beings. The Bible offers insight into who qualifies to enjoy God’s fellowship.

According to the first chapter of the book of Genesis, verses 26 and 27, God made Mankind (male and female) in His image and likeness, someone who was also a spirit being. Nowhere does the Bible state that birds, fish, plants, or other animals are created in God’s image. If so (and it is), then God is their Creator, but there is no basis for any relationship, based on fellowship. We can thus conclude that only human beings qualify to spend time with God, to know Him personally.

But, still, does God get lonely? No, in the sense that there’s anything inadequate with God. But yes, in the sense that just as we, as human beings, long for fellowship with other human beings, including spiritually. God, as a spirit being, created us with a heart hunger to fellowship with other spirit beings, including Him.

As a result God, Himself, has a hunger to fellowship with other spirit beings, those created in His image and likeness. With animals, trees, and water out of the picture, that leaves us, people like you and me. Not even angels qualify to fellowship with God in a manner that He longs to have with us.

God needs your fellowship; He wants to fellowship with you, to be-if you will-the ultimate Pal. To commune on a level far beyond that enjoyed in even the most intimate marriage relationship between a man and a woman.

So, does God get lonely? He’s lonely for a relationship with each human being. He has so much to not just teach, but share out of His own heart on a one-on one basis.

Just Him and you. Pals, confidants, and best friends. That’s what God longs for, and what’s being offered through His Son, Jesus Christ, the one Way to knowing God.

So, yes God is lonely for you, if you don’t know Him. If you do, He’s always longing for more: more fellowship, more secrets shared, more revelation into Hims as a Person.

Your questions and/or comments are welcomed.



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