Ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner. Amidst the overemphasis on material giving, Christmas is a time of year when even non-Christians give thought to God. It’s a time when many seek out a local church to (hopefully) find purpose for their lives.

Whether perceived or otherwise, for some it begs the question, “Is God seasonal?” Is God more real at Christmas than other times? Does God reveal Himself more during Christmas than, say, in the middle of summer? After all, Christmas must be high up on God’s list of favorite times of the year, since it’s about the birth of Jesus, God’s Son.

The truth be told God sees things differently than we often do. You see, God doesn’t change from one season to another (Malachi 3:6). You can count on God being the same on April 15th as on December 25th. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall God’s the same.

God will be as real to you when there’s no Christmas tree or giving of presents, as you may perceive Him to be during this special Christmas season. He’s not dependent upon lights, cookies, and special church services to make Himself real to anyone who truly wants to know Him.

Perhaps you know someone who needs to know Jesus, the Savior of the world, right now. Christmas is a time when talking about Jesus is easier than other times of the year. Take advantage and share God’s timeless love with those God lays upon your heart to do so-without being pushy.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re one of those feeling especially lonely at this time, when others seem to be enjoying this season with family , friends, and neighbors. Perhaps you’re that lonely neighbor with no one to be with. No doubt about it, that can be a most difficult time-especially if you’re single, recently divorced, or widowed.

God knows your situation. He also wants you to have and walk in the joy of having His life in you. Ask God to send someone across your path to help you. Perhaps you can attend a local church service during this Christmas season. As I write this, Christmas is just a week away. It’s not too late to allow the God of all seasons, Who never changes, to give you real love, joy, and peace, through believing on the risen Jesus, Whose birth we celebrate on December 25th, Who’s the same every other day as well.


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