God is, well, God. All-mighty, all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present, and all- loving. All at the same time. So, the question arises: Does God have an ego?

Stop and think about this: human beings with wealth, power, and influence far less than God’s have enormous egos. To be able to do whatever you want, go wherever you want and have it all can be heady stuff for those with billions, even “mere” mega millionaires.

So, is God an egomaniac? Does He see Himself as better-and better off-than all of us put together? If so then, on that basis alone, God has an ego that’s out of this world. Literally.

But if God, Who never changes, has an ego, then it’s constant-the same yesterday, today, and forever. Ego has to do with self-worth, self-importance, self-identity. Since God knows exactly Who He is, the size of whatever ego God has isn’t going to ever change.

Human ego is dependent upon affirmation from others, from external circumstances. God desires our attention, praise, and worship to Him. But any failure on our part to do so won’t change God a bit.

We must recognize that being in God’s presence is as much for our benefit as it is for His. God doesn’t need our praise and adoration to boost His ego. Being in God’s presence to praise, magnify, and worship Him caused God, as recorded in the Bible, to do things for lives which didn’t happen any other way.  Chains were loosed (Acts 12:5-7),  prisons were opened (Acts 16:25,26), and God gave specific plans (Acts 13:2). He’s still doing this today.

If God has an ego, it’s certainly not like ours, subject to being inflated-or deflated for that matter. His is constant, because God knows-and is secure in-Who He is at all times. Like God, we can and should be secure in who we are, in Christ, at all times.

We can and should be wholly independent of needing the affirmation of others to bolster our ego. By renewing our minds to think like God-to think in line with the New Testament-our egos will become more like God’s: constant, settled, unchanging.

The kind of ego worth working for and demonstrating to the lost-and most Christians.


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