Does God Get Lonely?

For those who believe in God, one thing is understood: God is bigger than us. How big? I don't know, but big enough to meet every need of humanity, including yours and mine. At the same time, this question has been asked for more years than anyone can remember, and many more besides: Does God … Continue reading Does God Get Lonely?


How’s Your HC?

The word conditioning holds different meanings, depending on who you're talking to. There's physical conditioning, mental conditioning and hair conditioning, for openers. For the Christian a different kind of conditioning exists, one that, generally speaking, is unheard of or underused. It's called heir conditioning, as in being conditioned to being an heir of God, joint … Continue reading How’s Your HC?

The Value of Your Testimony

Not every Christian is called to preach from a platform, to children or youth, or on the mission field. Not everyone is gifted to regularly speak in front of groups of people. Every Christian, however, has something so valuable, yet often overlooked: their personal testimony of what God did for them to bring them to … Continue reading The Value of Your Testimony