What’s Your Christmas Theology?

Depending on where you are at this moment, it's either Christmas Eve or actually Christmas. It's the day where the birth of Jesus is celebrated by millions around the world. Even those who don't believe in the birth of Jesus rejoice, because of potential income derived from retail sales of everything from food to family … Continue reading What’s Your Christmas Theology?


312 Azusa Street

Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street are the three most prominent names in the last 120 years of church history in America. Two previous posts highlighted Zion, Illinois and Topeka, Kansas. As mentioned in my last post, William J. Seymour was in Houston, Texas, where he heard Charles Parham teaching in his Bible school. Through a … Continue reading 312 Azusa Street

Charles Parham and Topeka

My previous post: Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street, mentioned the significance of each of these three locations in church history. I highlighted Zion, giving a brief overview of its significance. Today's highlight is Topeka, Kansas, holding a place in church history of greater significance than just being Kansas's state capital. As an itinerant preacher, Charles … Continue reading Charles Parham and Topeka

Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street

Over the last 120 years three names stand out in Church history: Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street. Two are cities; the other is the name of a street in Los Angeles, California. Millions of Christians have experienced being filled with the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking with other tongues. Millions have also received … Continue reading Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street