Watch Where You’re Stepping

For those unfamiliar with cow and horse pastures, both species "do their business", whenever the occasion arises, resulting in the fall of manure upon the ground. Regardless of what you're wearing it pays to watch where you're stepping. The same is true in life. There's a lot of "stuff" that can fall along our life's … Continue reading Watch Where You’re Stepping


In Whose Sight?

For some reason work is hard, perhaps explaining why it's called work. I have no recollection of any work being easy. Some was easier than others, but still work. When we work who are we doing it for? Some would say for money, for the boss, or for the company we're working for. While this … Continue reading In Whose Sight?

How Are Your Supplies?

If you've read much about Civil War history, you'll recall that, at the Battle of Gettysburg, in Pennsylvania, the Confederate armies were led by General Robert E. Lee. But General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of the Union forces, wasn't there. So, where was he? While General George Meade commandeered Union troops at Gettysburg, General Grant … Continue reading How Are Your Supplies?

The Five-A Team

Most jobs-most of life-involves being part of a team. Classroom assignments, sports, church production, and workplace projects-these are but a few of many potential scenarios where teams are involved. Even Jesus had a team. For the most part, jobs involve working with at least one other person-often more. Given the likelihood of working with others … Continue reading The Five-A Team