Thermometer or Thermostat?

Many homes have thermometers, both inside and out.  Outside thermometers are usually in the shade, whereas  central heat/air conditioning units have an indoor thermometers with their thermostats.  Both indoor and outdoor thermometers serve the same function: to measure actual temperature at any given moment.  Thermostats, however, allow occupants to change the surrounding temperature from what … Continue reading Thermometer or Thermostat?

“Catch and Release” Christianity

Fishing regulations vary from state to state-even from one lake or river to another. Some fishing spots allow a limit of how many fish can be taken, while others enforce a regulation known as "catch and release." This means that whatever fish one catches must be released back into the water; none can be taken … Continue reading “Catch and Release” Christianity

Protect Your Identity

Identity theft. It's a problem that's growing in our world today. Television, print, and social media warn of the problem and apparent ease of identity theft. What is identity theft? Identity theft is the act of assuming the identity of another for financial and/or other benefit (s). This usually takes place in the form of … Continue reading Protect Your Identity