In Whose Sight?

For some reason work is hard, perhaps explaining why it's called work. I have no recollection of any work being easy. Some was easier than others, but still work. When we work who are we doing it for? Some would say for money, for the boss, or for the company we're working for. While this … Continue reading In Whose Sight?


The Five-A Team

Most jobs-most of life-involves being part of a team. Classroom assignments, sports, church production, and workplace projects-these are but a few of many potential scenarios where teams are involved. Even Jesus had a team. For the most part, jobs involve working with at least one other person-often more. Given the likelihood of working with others … Continue reading The Five-A Team

Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 2

Continuing our previous post, Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1: Even in the secular workplace a new addition usually has immediate access to secured databases, protocols, and information tools necessary to doing his/her job. Why not the Church? Why must young people be required to wait to serve in the local church? What … Continue reading Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 2

Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1

Most Christians-specifically youth/young adults-want to serve in their local church. Along with zeal, knowledge, and passion, they want to use their time, gifts, and talents to advance the cause of Christ, if only given the chance. Far too often, however,  churches have a waiting period before allowing "newcomers" to serve in any capacity. The explanation … Continue reading Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1

What’s Your Testimony?

In Revelation 12':11, we read  "And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;". The devil is overcome through a two-part application: The Blood of the lamb-Jesus-and the word of our testimony. God's part is not enough; it's takes both His and our parts to overcome the … Continue reading What’s Your Testimony?

Ten Ways to Destroy a Church

Going through some boxes, I found the following article, with excerpts by George W. Knight. It's about ways to destroy a church. Perhaps you've observed these at one time or another in a church you visited or, perhaps, your own. Over the past 40+ years of being and serving in numerous churches, my wife and … Continue reading Ten Ways to Destroy a Church

Where’s your identification?

I flew on a few business trips last year. Each time I checked in I was required to present valid identification.  As I went through security I also had to show my ticket-proof that I was a passenger that day. Had I not already had my proof of identification out, ready to be shown, a … Continue reading Where’s your identification?

Failure Is Not Defeat

One fine summer afternoon in late July, 1968, two baseball teams competed for the right to play in the city finals. The game was close; one pitcher pitched a no-hitter, allowing no hits in the entire game. The other pitcher did likewise, through most of the game. Neither side was hitting, much less scoring any … Continue reading Failure Is Not Defeat