Who’s in Charge?

Perhaps you've heard a customer ask store personnel, "Who's in charge?" They want to know who the boss is, who's in authority. Many people, including non-Christians, think that, here on the earth, God is in charge, that He's in authority, that He's in control. But is it true? Is God really in charge on the … Continue reading Who’s in Charge?


Fathom This Mystery

Every woman is a mystery. No matter how old you are, how long you guys have been married, or how wise you think you are, there will always be an element of mystery to women. Having been married to my wife for over 35 years, I know this to be a fact. In another 35 … Continue reading Fathom This Mystery

Where’s your identification?

I flew on a few business trips last year. Each time I checked in I was required to present valid identification.  As I went through security I also had to show my ticket-proof that I was a passenger that day. Had I not already had my proof of identification out, ready to be shown, a … Continue reading Where’s your identification?

Dry Water

Over the years I've been to a lot of swimming pools, spending many summer hours enjoying doing laps, or simply cooling off.  All of those pools had something in common: in each case the water was wet. In today's post I want to use the relationship between water and wet to make a point about … Continue reading Dry Water

Error or Heir?

How do you see yourself? Not in the mirror, but before God. Are you constantly seeing your mistakes, faults, and shortcomings that you've come to see yourself as a mistake of God? On the other hand, have you taken the time to read the Bible for yourself, to find that you're one of God's children, … Continue reading Error or Heir?


In the broadest sense, codependency is where each person in a relationship offers something that the other person in that relationship is dependent upon. Marriage relationships often fall into this category: each spouse depends on the other for spiritual, emotional, and/or physical fulfillment. Taken to an extreme, being codependent leads to selfishness, abuse, and regret.Being … Continue reading Codependency

I Love Mysteries

I love mysteries, especially the "who dunnit?” ones. Some of my favorites crime solvers are Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and the Hardy Boys. My wife and I also enjoy many of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) mystery movies shown on PBS. Chief Inspector Clouseau did not make my list. What is a mystery? A mystery … Continue reading I Love Mysteries

Who’s Your Pastor?

Everyone needs a pastor.  Yes, Jesus is the Head of the Church, made up of those who have believed in Him. Jesus is also, according to Hebrews 13:20, our Great Shepherd. At the same time God has set pastors (shepherds) in the Church, according to Ephesians 4:11. Pastors are often referred to as 'under shepherds', … Continue reading Who’s Your Pastor?

Something Better Than “God Is With You”

"God is with you" is a fairly common statement I've been hearing nowadays. In fact, I've heard it for years. Psalm 91:15 says that God will be with those in trouble, who have set their love on Him. Isn't it good to know that God is with us? Yes, He's right here, with me. All … Continue reading Something Better Than “God Is With You”

Soldiers of The Throne

The term "Soldiers of the Cross" references those defenders of the Christian faith, stalwart members of God's eternal army going off to war. "Soldiers of the Cross" is found in the opening verse of the old hymn "Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus", written over 150 years ago by George Duffield. I've sung it many … Continue reading Soldiers of The Throne