Does God Have an Ego?

God is, well, God. All-mighty, all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present, and all- loving. All at the same time. So, the question arises: Does God have an ego? Stop and think about this: human beings with wealth, power, and influence far less than God's have enormous egos. To be able to do whatever you want, go wherever … Continue reading Does God Have an Ego?


Sunday Mystery Hour

My wife and I enjoy watching detective mysteries, the kind where we try to figure out who did what to whom, before the hero does. Those from England/Australia rank high. Sadly, for multiple reasons, a Sunday mystery hour happens live before the eyes of many. No television or movie channel access is needed; this mystery … Continue reading Sunday Mystery Hour

Secret Passages You’ll Love

Secret passages have been around for years. Medieval castles often had (some still do) secret passages which the owner(s) used for their own purposes, such as a way of escape from intruders. The fictional hero Zorro used a secret passage to get from his fireplace to a cave where Toronado, his trusted horse, waited. Then, … Continue reading Secret Passages You’ll Love