By Another Name

Joseph Levitch died last week. In case that name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps the name Jerry Lewis will. Yes, the famous actor and television personality's birth name was Joseph Levitch. Christians have received a new name-actually more than one-from the moment of their conversion. I'm not talking about a new earthly name; I'm talking … Continue reading By Another Name


Sunday Mystery Hour

My wife and I enjoy watching detective mysteries, the kind where we try to figure out who did what to whom, before the hero does. Those from England/Australia rank high. Sadly, for multiple reasons, a Sunday mystery hour happens live before the eyes of many. No television or movie channel access is needed; this mystery … Continue reading Sunday Mystery Hour

The Value of Your Testimony

Not every Christian is called to preach from a platform, to children or youth, or on the mission field. Not everyone is gifted to regularly speak in front of groups of people. Every Christian, however, has something so valuable, yet often overlooked: their personal testimony of what God did for them to bring them to … Continue reading The Value of Your Testimony