Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street

Over the last 120 years three names stand out in Church history: Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street. Two are cities; the other is the name of a street in Los Angeles, California. Millions of Christians have experienced being filled with the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking with other tongues. Millions have also received … Continue reading Zion, Topeka, and Azusa Street


The Only Cause Worth Bowing To

Everyone has a cause; everyone has some cause that he/she strongly believes in. It may not be the cause that you or I do but someone, somewhere, does. Whether it's the environment, social injustice, immigration, or something in the political realm there's a cause, it seems, for everyone. One doesn't have to look far at … Continue reading The Only Cause Worth Bowing To

Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 2

Continuing our previous post, Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1: Even in the secular workplace a new addition usually has immediate access to secured databases, protocols, and information tools necessary to doing his/her job. Why not the Church? Why must young people be required to wait to serve in the local church? What … Continue reading Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 2

Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1

Most Christians-specifically youth/young adults-want to serve in their local church. Along with zeal, knowledge, and passion, they want to use their time, gifts, and talents to advance the cause of Christ, if only given the chance. Far too often, however,  churches have a waiting period before allowing "newcomers" to serve in any capacity. The explanation … Continue reading Are We Using or Losing Them? Part 1

What’s In Your Mouth?

A well-known credit card issuer asks the now-familiar question, "What's in your wallet", as part of its ad campaign. A more telling question for us is, "What's in your mouth?".  I'm not talking about teeth or gums; I'm talking about your words. Why is this? What's so important about the words you say?The Bible has … Continue reading What’s In Your Mouth?

What’s Your Testimony?

In Revelation 12':11, we read  "And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;". The devil is overcome through a two-part application: The Blood of the lamb-Jesus-and the word of our testimony. God's part is not enough; it's takes both His and our parts to overcome the … Continue reading What’s Your Testimony?