War of Two Worlds

The War of the Worlds, written by H.G. Wells, narrates our world being invaded by aliens from Mars. For those who have never read the classic, I won't reveal the invasion results, nor how the book ends. The War of the Worlds is, of course, purely fiction. There is, however a very real war between … Continue reading War of Two Worlds


Words Matter

Over the years I've attended 25 or so weddings, not including my own. All had at least one common thread: the words "I do." Every bride and groom responded in the affirmative when posed the question, "Do you take ______ to be your lawful wedded (husband/wife)?" No exceptions; both my wife -thankfully-and I also answered … Continue reading Words Matter

The Most Valuable Commodity

By definition, a commodity is something useful or valued. It's often found as a product or a service. Today's post focuses on the word "commodity" as a product, specifically words. That's right, words; things we use to communicate information on an everyday basis. Some commodities are better known, like gold, silver, and oil. Some are … Continue reading The Most Valuable Commodity