No Sequel Needed

Great books do not need a sequel; the original is sufficient in itself. Although sequels were done to them, books like To Kill A Mockingbird, Gone With the Wind, and The Wizard of Oz are, in my opinion, just fine as they are. The greatest book ever written, and the one with the most annual … Continue reading No Sequel Needed


By Another Name

Joseph Levitch died last week. In case that name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps the name Jerry Lewis will. Yes, the famous actor and television personality's birth name was Joseph Levitch. Christians have received a new name-actually more than one-from the moment of their conversion. I'm not talking about a new earthly name; I'm talking … Continue reading By Another Name

The Most Valuable Commodity

By definition, a commodity is something useful or valued. It's often found as a product or a service. Today's post focuses on the word "commodity" as a product, specifically words. That's right, words; things we use to communicate information on an everyday basis. Some commodities are better known, like gold, silver, and oil. Some are … Continue reading The Most Valuable Commodity

How’s Your HC?

The word conditioning holds different meanings, depending on who you're talking to. There's physical conditioning, mental conditioning and hair conditioning, for openers. For the Christian a different kind of conditioning exists, one that, generally speaking, is unheard of or underused. It's called heir conditioning, as in being conditioned to being an heir of God, joint … Continue reading How’s Your HC?