Thermometer or Thermostat?

Many homes have thermometers, both inside and out.  Outside thermometers are usually in the shade, whereas  central heat/air conditioning units have an indoor thermometers with their thermostats.  Both indoor and outdoor thermometers serve the same function: to measure actual temperature at any given moment.  Thermostats, however, allow occupants to change the surrounding temperature from what … Continue reading Thermometer or Thermostat?

“Catch and Release” Christianity

Fishing regulations vary from state to state-even from one lake or river to another. Some fishing spots allow a limit of how many fish can be taken, while others enforce a regulation known as "catch and release." This means that whatever fish one catches must be released back into the water; none can be taken … Continue reading “Catch and Release” Christianity

Choosing the Right Foundation

The world's system of living offers numerous ways to build a life that's "just right for you," one devoid of restraints. Unfortunately, all of these "options" are based on a foundation of selfishness:"what's in it for me?" or "what's best for me?" People spend their entire lives changing lives; discarding one empty life in pursuit … Continue reading Choosing the Right Foundation